The group intended to camp on Helvellyn's summit. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The group intended to camp on Helvellyn's summit. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A teenager was rescued after suffering heat exhaustion attempting the ascent of England’s third-highest mountain.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 8.50pm on Sunday after passers-by raised the alarm.

The youth was in a group of three who intended to head up Helvellyn and camp overnight on the summit.

A team spokesperson said: “The combination of carrying a heavy rucksack and camping gear combined with the warm weather caused the casualty to become very unwell and unable to continue.

“A group of passers-by kindly assisted the stricken teenagers and then made the right decision by calling 999 to request mountain rescue.”

Twenty team members made their way to the site, found the ill walker and treated him at the scene before stretchering him back down to the valley. His waiting family then took the group home.

Following the 4½-hour rescue, the spokesperson said: “The team would like to remind anybody who is planning to come to the Lake District to plan ahead for the weather conditions and ensure that any activity is within their capabilities.”

The team recommended the Adventure Smart website for information on planning hill trips and staying safe.

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