The team Land Rover in the valley north of Dale Head. Photo: Keswick MRT

The team Land Rover in the valley north of Dale Head. Photo: Keswick MRT

A teenager was safely reunited with his parents after becoming separated in poor visibility on a Lake District fell.

Rescuers who came across the 14-year-old boy initially thought he was a team member as he was wearing a red jacket and black overtrousers.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out just before 4pm on Monday to the incident on Dale Head.

The boy had walked ahead of his two parents on the ascent of the mountain, with the intention of waiting for them near the summit.

A team spokesperson said: “Unfortunately they could not find him and after 30 minutes of searching in intermittent cloud and strong winds the parents called 999 requesting assistance.

“Three teams plus search dogs were deployed to different locations to begin the search. One of the teams was parking the Land Rover at the end of the miners’ track on the north side of Dale Head when a person seemed to appear from nowhere.

“Dressed in a red jacket and black overtrousers the immediate thought was that it was a Keswick MRT member. However, it turned out it was the missing boy.”

Two team members took on the task of reuniting the boy with his parents, who were still on top of Dale Head, while the rest of the search parties stood down.

The spokesperson said it was ‘a happy ending with everyone back in time for dinner’.

The incident lasted just over 3¼ hours and involved 20 volunteers from Keswick MRT.

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