Rescuers made their way to the scene in two team vehicles. Photo: Newsar

Rescuers made their way to the scene in two team vehicles. Photo: Newsar

Two walkers were rescued after getting into difficulties on their local hill in wintry conditions.

The pair became disoriented in an area north-west of Moel Famau in the Clwydian Range in north Wales.

The walkers had set off from home but called for help when the weather worsened, with falling snow and very limited visibility.

Police alerted North East Wales Search and Rescue and the team used mobile phone technology to pinpoint their position and provide guidance to the walkers on how to get themselves off the hill.

A team spokesperson said: “They did the right thing and called North Wales Police so they could get assistance before the situation became very serious.

“We had a local team member out for his own walk and he detoured to intercept them, along with sending two vehicles with team members as well.”

After finding the two walkers, rescuers escorted them to the safety of the team vehicles and they then returned home.

The spokesperson said: “Moel Famau is of course a relatively simple hill to walk on in summer conditions, but the current weather makes identifying the correct route very difficult and the deep snow can be very tiring.”

The incident involved five Newsar volunteers.

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