Sabrina Verjee faced atrocious weather in the later stages of her attempt. Photo: Steve Ashworth

Sabrina Verjee faced atrocious weather in the later stages of her attempt. Photo: Steve Ashworth

Ultrarunner Sabrina Verjee said she and the Wainwrights have unfinished business after she was forced to give up her attempt on a new continuous round of the fells.

She revealed that unseasonably cold temperatures during the run had worsened her asthma, affecting her ability to breathe.

She and her support runners faced blizzard conditions on the mountains on the fourth day of her challenge, with high winds and heavy rain at lower altitudes.

Her support team said she made excellent progress after setting off on her quest to summit all 214 Wainwright fells, and was well ahead of schedule for the first three days.

A spokesperson for the supporters said: “Lower than expected temperatures were starting to set off her asthma.

“On day four, brutal weather conditions aggravated the situation, making it increasingly difficult for Sabrina to breathe comfortably during ascents. Although she was still ahead of schedule, this forced her to stop for a substantial rest early on Tuesday morning.

“At that point, Sabrina took stock of the situation. Her asthma was not settling down, the weather forecast remained unfavourable, and ground conditions were poor, with snow from 400m. In those circumstances, Sabrina decided that the sensible decision was to end the attempt early.”

Verjee said: “This is not the conclusion that I had anticipated and of course I am hugely disappointed to have had to stop.

“However, for a good part of the run, it was a great experience with wonderful company. I said at the start that this was a team effort and I couldn’t have asked for better team mates on my journey around the Wainwrights.

“I am so grateful for their support, and humbled by it. I am also grateful to everyone who has been following our progress and for the many lovely messages that I have received throughout.

“This story isn’t over. I love running and I love exploring the Wainwrights. We have unfinished business.”

The record for a continuous round of the Wainwrights is held by Paul Tierney who beat Steve Birkinshaw’s previous fastest time for the 525km (326-mile) route, which involves 36,000m (118,110ft) of ascent. Sabrina Verjee set the third fastest time in her 2020 round of the fells.

She was supported by numerous runners in this year’s attempt, including previous record holders. There was also support from La Sportiva, Berghaus and Right Lines Communications. Steve Ashworth and Summit Fever Media supplied images of her run and produced short films distributed by social media.

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