The lost pair were led to safety after getting lost near Scafell

The lost pair were led to safety after getting lost near Scafell

Rescuers have praised a group who led lost pair of walkers to safety from England’s second-highest mountain.

The walkers heard emergency whistle blasts coming from near Scafell yesterday and contacted mountain rescuers.

A spokesperson for Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team said: “They were said to be six blasts a minute which is the recognised mountain distress signal.

“One group of informants who had phoned the incident in went to investigate a found a group of two who were lost and tired and walked them down to Wasdale, avoiding the need for further action by the team.

“This was particularly public spirited as they actually wanted to be in Langdale and had to arrange for a lift. Thanks for the help.”

The Wasdale team had earlier that day been called out by a man who became separated from his walking companions on Scafell.

A team spokesperson said they used the Sarloc smartphone system to determine his position on Horn Crag on Slight Side, the southern termination of Scafell’s summit ridge.

“Three team members who had just been dropped near Greta Gill on helicopter training made their way over to Slight Side, found the man and then walked him back to Wasdale.”

Ten volunteer team members took part in the rescue.

On Friday the Wasdale team were called out to aid two walkers who lost the path while coming down from Scafell Pike.

The team spokesperson said: “In discussion the team leader was able to determine they were in the broken ground between Lingmell Col and Piers Gill.

“Due to the potential for a stretcher carry a full callout was initiated.

“In the end they were met by team members walking down the Brown Tongue path having regained the path and made their own way off the mountain.”

The incident involved 20 team members.

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