The damaged vehicle had to be winched by another team off-roader after losing its four-wheel drive. Photo: CVSRT

The damaged vehicle had to be winched by another team off-roader after losing its four-wheel drive. Photo: CVSRT

A rescue team faces a repair bill after one of its vehicles was damaged during a rescue.

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team’s off-road vehicle will cost about £350 to get back into service following a trip to a remote moorland site to rescue an injured walker.

The team was called out about 10.50amyesterday when ambulance staff requested its help with a walker who suffered a suspected dislocated knee when he slipped while walking above Walsden near Todmorden in West Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance was also scrambled to deal with the incident and pinpointed the man’s location, and some Calder Valley team members and their gear were airlifted by the helicopter to the site while others made their way on foot from team vehicles which had reached a nearby farm.

A team spokesperson said: “Once located, the casualty was made comfortable and warmed using a kisu shelter before being loaded into the vacuum mattress and onto the Alpine stretcher.

“The stretcher was then rigged for haul and sledged back up the steep ground to the helicopter and flown down the valley to the waiting land ambulance crew.

“Team members then returned to the vehicles, but it became apparent that [our vehicle] CM1 had sustained structural damage whilst accessing the remote off-road location rendering it unable to use the 4×4 system.

“Thankfully team members were able to use their newly acquired winching skills and managed to return the vehicle to terra firma with the help of CM3.”

The spokesperson said the incident demonstrated excellent teamwork between the Calder Valley SRT, ambulance service and air ambulance, but added: “One of our emergency response vehicles will now be out of action for a few days with the estimated repair costs in the region of £350.”

The team appealed for anyone wanting to help with the repair costs to visit its site.

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