Rescuers said visibility was no more than 20m. Photo: Western Beacons MSRT

Rescuers said visibility was no more than 20m. Photo: Western Beacons MSRT

A group of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award walkers were rescued after one of their team became unwell on the Black Mountain in the Brecon Beacons.

The expedition members called for help on Monday afternoon from the hill on the western edge of the national park.

Western Beacons Mountain Search and Rescue Team, along with colleagues from the Brecon and Central Beacons teams, were called out.

The rescuers used the Sarloc system, which sends a ling to a smartphone, to pinpoint the group’s position.

Western Beacons press officer Trevor James said: “It then became apparent they really were in a very remote location.

“Hill parties despatched had to walk over 5km (3 miles) to reach the stranded party, while a smaller party was sent out to act as radio link between control and the rescue parties.

“At most, throughout the rescue, visibility was no more than 20m.”

“In the meantime, the members of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award party had done all the right things despite the weather conditions, which they were equipped to deal with. They put up shelter and made hot food for themselves as they awaited rescue.

“Thankfully, once reached it became apparent that the whole party could be guided to safety and walked off the hill to where vehicles had been despatched to meet them.”

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