The Nab and Martindale

The Nab and Martindale

A couple had to be rescued twice by a Lake District team – once on the fells and again in the car park.

The pair were following a guidebook when they got lost on very steep ground on The Nab in Martindale on Friday.

The couple rang for help and Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out as darkness approached in poor weather conditions.

A team spokesperson said: “The team immediately responded, sending the team search dog and handler out ahead of the rest of the team. The search managers had a good idea where the couple were and search dog Corrie located them near to Nab End.

“They were assessed and found to be very cold but otherwise ok. They were given warm clothing before they were walked off the fell by the team and returned to their car.

“Unfortunately as the couple were leaving the car park, they became bogged down in deep mud. The team was still there and was able to tow them out using their off road Land Rover and wish them a safe journey home.”

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