Rescuers and the Coastguard helicopter at the rescue site on Glyder Fawr. Photo: OVMRO

Rescuers and the Coastguard helicopter at the rescue site on Glyder Fawr. Photo: OVMRO

A man was airlifted from a Snowdonia mountainside after injuring his ankle.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation members were called out at 8am on Saturday to the incident on Glyder Fawr.

Two young men from Merseyside had made an early start, securing a car parking place in the Ogwen Valley before setting off to scramble up steep ground west of the Idwal Slabs on to Seniors Ridge and the mountain summit.

Chris Lloyd of the rescue team said: “Halfway up their route, one man stepped down heavily on to one foot and rolled his ankle. This resulted in a dislocation and possible fracture.

“They were able to telephone 999 from this location.

“While a hasty party of four Ogwen troops was deployed to Cwm Idwal, a request was made for the support of the Coastguard’s helicopter from Caernarfon. As the helicopter searched to locate the two men on this steep and rocky ground, the four headed up the loose screes.

“Due to air conditions, a winch direct from that site was not possible so the helicopter returned to Oggi Base, while the MRT members reached and treated the casualty. The helicopter soon returned and with the use of a high line – a rope from the winchman to an MRT member on the ground to prevent the excessive spinning – was lowered to the casualty.”

The injured man was winched from the mountainside and flown to hospital in Bangor and the four team members then accompanied the man’s colleague in walking down to the valley.

The incident ended about 11.30am.

Mr Lloyd said, by this time, parking on the A5 road through the Ogwen Valley was becoming dangerous and police arranged for some illegally and dangerously parked vehicles to be removed.

A team member with the dog on Tryfan. Photo: OVMRO

A team member with the dog on Tryfan. Photo: OVMRO

Soon after returning to base, rescuers received another call for help.

A young man with his rottweiler-German shepherd dog were stuck on Tryfan, with the dog refusing to continue.

Mr Lloyd said: “Although the dog had previously walked up several mountains, the scramble up the North Ridge of Tryfan was a challenge too far.

“Eventually arriving at the North Tower and the steep scramble up it, the man opted for the easier Eastern Traverse. Although easier, it still has a scramble. At this stage, in the heat of the day, it was a case of one step too far and the dog called time.

“A team member who was already on the North Ridge with his wife and four-year-old son was contacted and diverted to locate the casualty and his master. After treating the dog with water and rest, the dog was walked back to the North Ridge where he was met by two team members dispatched from Oggi Base.

“The dog and master were then slowly escorted down the numerous rock steps and loose screes of the North Ridge to the sanctuary of the valley floor.”

The incident ended about 4.30pm. Team members then resumed their planned training that had to be abandoned to deal with the callouts.

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