Piers Gill, where Mr Jones's body was discovered by rescuers. Photo: KA CC-BY-SA-2.0

Piers Gill, where Mr Jones's body was discovered by rescuers. Photo: KA CC-BY-SA-2.0

The family of the walker who died on England’s highest mountain at the weekend said he died doing something he enjoyed.

They paid tribute to 19-year-old Lee Jones, and said he was a ‘fine man’ who enjoyed the outdoors.

His family said it was a deeply distressing time for them following the discovery by rescuers of the Matlock teenager’s body in Piers Gill on Scafell Pike.

In a statement, they said: “Lee was an independent, adventurous young man who enjoyed sport and the outdoors. He was visiting the Lake District with a friend between Christmas and New Year and had successfully climbed Scafell Pike before the accident that took his life.

“He was experienced outdoors and was doing something he enjoyed when he died.

“He was a fine man and will be deeply missed by his family, girlfriend and friends.”

Mr Jones was a keen fellrunner with successes at a junior level and had represented Derbyshire.

Piers Gill is one of two accident blackspots listed by Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, the other being Broad Stand, between Scafell and Scafell Pike.

The team’s website says Piers Gill “Commonly causes problems when descending the corridor route from Lingmell Col in poor visibility. It is easy to mistake the top of the gill for a descending path.

“Too often accidents happen as people are reluctant to reascend or fail to realise their mistake.

“There is a rough path on the eastern side of the gill – not in the actual gill. This has sections of scrambling with some difficult route finding in poor visibility. It is only recommended in dry conditions, with good visibility for experienced fellwalkers.”

The Wasdale team also says there is no mobile phone coverage in that area.

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