The climber fell at Wharncliffe Crags near Stocksbridge. Photo: Mick Knapton CC-BY-SA-3.0

The climber fell at Wharncliffe Crags near Stocksbridge. Photo: Mick Knapton CC-BY-SA-3.0

A climber was rescued after falling more than 20ft from a crag in South Yorkshire.

The incident happened in torrential rain on Tuesday at Wharncliffe Crags near Stocksbridge.

Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team had to content with a thunderstorm when it was called out after the climber, who was with a group of five, suffered a serious leg injury in the 8m fall.

A team spokesperson said: “The casualty was located at the bottom of the crags and was treated at the scene by the ambulance service and the WMRT doctor.

“Due to the awkward boulder field below Wharncliffe Crags we decided to evacuate the climber back to the top of the crags via a steep scree slope.

“We packaged the casualty securely into a stretcher with a safety rope before hauling to the top of the crags. Our team Land Rover was waiting to carry the casualty to the waiting ambulance at the roadhead.”

Deputy team leader Andy Simpson added: “This was a classic incident that many people would immediately associate with traditional mountain rescue work and is something that we practise as a team.

“It also happened in one of our regular training areas so the rescue was calm and efficient with the team easily performing familiar and well rehearsed roles.

“It was made more challenging by the torrential rain making the ground unstable and slippy and the thunderstorm that took out the mobile phone network and disrupted our VHF radios.”

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