Examples of the carabiners stolen from the cave: from left, the Petzl Am'D, Faders Goliat and Faders HMS

Examples of the carabiners stolen from the cave: from left, the Petzl Am'D, Faders Goliat and Faders HMS

Rescuers in the Yorkshire Dales are asking fellow cavers and climbers to shop anyone who offers them knocked-off gear at knock-down prices.

The Clapham-based Cave Rescue Organisation had 56 carabiners stolen from a Kingsdale safety rig that had been set up for an upcoming international meet.

The team had set up a highline in Kingsdale Master Cave in the western Dales to provide a safe exit and access in the event the system flooded.

Members discovered rope and carabiners had been removed when they went to check the cave earlier in the week.

A team spokesperson said: “The missing rope has been recovered from the streamway where it had been abandoned. 56 carabiners were removed. They were of mixed types: Petzl Am’D, Faders Goliat and Faders HMS.

“The majority were Faders HMS – the one with the distinctive pull and twist lock on the screwgate sleeve, which makes using them with a single hand a bit awkward. All three types had yellow paint on their screwgate sleeves, although the thief may be able to remove this.

“Any climber or caver who is offered carabiners of these types at a knock-down price should please identify the thief to North Yorkshire Police, by phoning 101, selecting North Yorkshire and quoting crime reference 12160143685.”

The rescue team, whose volunteers go to the aid of fellwalkers and cavers in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas, said two red and silver Meander Transport tackle bags, stencilled with CRO and labelled KMC 1 and KMC 2, were also stolen from the remote site, although the spokesperson said the labels may have been removed.

Cumbria-based Lyon Equipment, which distributes many leading outdoor brands in the UK, has offered to replace the stolen carabiners so the team can set up the safety line again for the Euro Speleo meeting, which gets underway this weekend.

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