Sulber crossroads on the eastern flanks of Ingleborough. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Sulber crossroads on the eastern flanks of Ingleborough. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A rescue team was alerted three times in one evening to abortive incidents involving challenge walkers in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Clapham-based Cave Rescue Organisation fielded three calls on Saturday evening from walkers on Ingleborough who were attempting the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

The first call came about 7.20pm for a walker said to be struggling and in pain while descending from Sulber Nick towards Horton in Ribblesdale.

A team spokesperson said: “While a companion called for help, a CRO controller, who was supporting another walking group in his professional capacity, walked up to meet him.

“CRO members were held back, awaiting further information. The ‘casualty’ struggled on and was met by one of his companions with a car, near Beecroft Hall.”

Volunteers from the team were stood down but were back on alert shortly before 9pm when another challenge walker was reported to be in difficulties on Ingleborough.

He had said off to ascend the fell at 4.20pm. The CRO said: “[He] was described as inexperienced, boots and gloves soaked through when he set off and had no torch.

“He was found by his own companions, just before another call.”

The final incident of the evening was for two women in their mid-20s descending Ingleborough towards Sulber Nick, one of whom was in trainers and reported to have a twisted knee.

The team spokesperson said: “Their car was found still to be in Horton car park, so a callout was initiated.

“As a CRO vehicle was on its way from Clapham to Sulber crossroads with two small search groups a third group, preparing to walk up from Horton, found that the car had gone.

“The rest of Horton was checked for the car, before everyone was stood down.”

The Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge involves summiting Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough on a 39km (24-mile) route in 12 hours or less.

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