The man died after falling on the East Face of Tryfan. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The man died after falling on the East Face of Tryfan. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A walker has died after falling on a Snowdonia mountain.

The man was descending Tryfan on Sunday with his daughter when he slipped and fell a long distance into a gully.

Rescuers praised a climber who was in the area who tried to save the man’s life and also provided comfort to the walker’s daughter immediately afterwards.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was called out and requested the help of the Caernarfon Coastguard helicopter.

Team spokesman Chris Lloyd said: “A man with his 26-year-old daughter was staying in Snowdonia for a weekend of hillwalking.

“Having climbed Snowdon on Saturday, they climbed Tryfan on Sunday. Upon leaving the summit, they started to descend the South Gully which is on the East Face. This is not an easy way down as they were soon to discover.

“They decided to return to the top and find a more suitable route. Unfortunately, the man slipped and fell a considerable distance down the gully.

“Solo climbing on one of the rock routes beside the gully was a young man from the West Midlands. He heard the incident and immediately made his way down the gully to the casualty. After carrying out basic life support and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, he telephoned for assistance shortly after midday. OVMRO immediately requested assistance from the MCA helicopter.”

The helicopter flew straight to the site and winched the injured man aboard, flying him to hospital in Bangor.

Mr Lloyd said: “Meanwhile, the informant climbed back up the gully to the casualty’s daughter.

“He comforted her and started to escort her down the mountain. They were met by OVMRO team members who took them down to transport at Idwal car park. One Land Rover took the informant to Oggi Base whilst the other vehicle whisked the daughter to the hospital.

“Here she was met by a policeman who informed her that her father did not survive his fall.”

Mr Lloyd added that both father and daughter were keen hillwalkers. He said: “The informant must be highly commended for his efforts to save the casualty and then to care for the casualty’s shocked daughter.

“Our thoughts are with the casualty’s wife and three adult children.”

The previous day, rescuers stretchered a man 1,000ft down Tryfan after he injured his ankle.

The Ogwen Valley team was alerted about 12.15pm on Saturday when the incident happened near the summit of the mountain.

Mr Lloyd said a group of four had just begun to descend the South Ridge when one of them, a 25-year-old man from London caught his foot in a hole between rocks and fell over and broke his ankle.

He said: “With the prospect of a long stretcher carry from the summit, the assistance of the MCA helicopter was requested. This was granted but due to the strong a gusty winds the aircraft was unable to get close to the casualty for a winch.

“Instead, the aircraft ferried several members of OVMRO and members of three RAF MRTs who were training in the area, from RAF Valley, RAF Leeming and RAF Lossiemouth.

“These MRT members made their way up the South Ridge to the casualty. The casualty was loaded onto a stretcher. With the aid of ropes, the stretcher was carried all the way into Cwm Bochlwyd, a descent in height of about 1,000ft down loose and steep ground.

“From the relative shelter of the cwm, the S-92 rescue helicopter was able to return and successfully winch the casualty on board despite the stiff breeze.

“The casualty was flown to hospital at Bangor. Had the casualty been wearing boots which would have given better ankle support, he might not have incurred this serious injury on this rocky mountain.”

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