The pair actually got stuck on a gully on the slopes of Pike of Blisco. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The pair actually got stuck on a gully on the slopes of Pike of Blisco. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

A Lake District rescue team extolled the advantages of being able to navigate after it was sent to the wrong mountain to aid two walkers with dogs.

Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 6.10pm on Saturday when the pair reported themselves stuck in a gully between Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell.

A team spokesperson said: “We set off to locate and rescue them, which is what would have happened if this is where they were.

“They had actually misidentified Pike of Blisco and misreported their location, so managed to extract themselves while we were looking in the wrong place.”

The spokesperson added: “It is essential that you can navigate.

“Relying solely on a GPS, either freestanding or software on a smartphone, is a hazardous strategy, and can land you in trouble.

“Being able to orientate a map to the ground you’re are on, recognise features on the ground as they appear on a map and being able to tell your direction of travel and distance travelled are skills that not only make remote area travel safer, but it is also very satisfying.

“If your party gets lost, you cannot blame someone else for navigation errors. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

“Courses are available and they are often taught on a day out, so you don’t waste time sitting in a classroom. The ability to navigate and keep moving in poor visibility, extreme weather, darkness and in unfamiliar terrain is a vital skill.

“Not taking a map and compass in the first instance is unforgiveable.”

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