The Coastguard helicopter flies in to pick up the injured man. Photo: Ogwen Valley MRO

The Coastguard helicopter flies in to pick up the injured man. Photo: Ogwen Valley MRO

A walker was rescued from a Snowdonia mountain after suffering multiple injuries in a fall.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation members were alerted about 1.30pm on Thursday after the man slipped in poor winter conditions while walking alone on Tryfan.

The walker tumbled about 15m (50ft) on the south-western slopes of the mountain, and suffered scalp lacerations and other cuts and bruises.

Chris Lloyd of the rescue team said: “Fortunately, he remained conscious and was able to make the 999 call despite much blood loss.

“Ogwen MRT was mobilised and due to the high likelihood of a long technical rescue and stretcher carry, they were supported by 12 members of RAF Valley mountain rescue.

“The Coastguard’s helicopter was mobilised but was unable to get to the casualty due to low cloud and turbulence. However, it was able to make several lifts from Oggi Base up to Cwm Bochlwyd, in the shadow of the West of Tryfan.

“Shortly after 4pm the hasty party located the casualty lying in an orange survival shelter surrounded by red snow. Having treated his severe scalp wounds, he was loaded on to the stretcher.

“The helicopter did attempt a rescue from this high location but again was unable due to very poor flying conditions.”

Rescuers then set up ropes to lower the injured man to a better site, with 25 members taking part in the operation.

Mr Lloyd said: “Again the helicopter tried but the turbulence was too strong.

“The stretcher party carried the casualty to near the outfall of Llyn Bochlwyd shortly after 8pm and from here the helicopter successfully winched the young man onboard for the short flight to hospital in Bangor.

“After the casualty had made his 999 call, he telephoned his parents who rushed from the Wirral to Oggi Base. They could see the attempts by the helicopter but were able to appreciate the difficulties for both the helicopter and the 25-strong rescue team.

“As soon as the casualty was winched they drove to Bangor hospital.”

By 9pm, all rescue team members had returned to the Ogwen Valley MRO base for hot drinks and soup.

Mr Lloyd added: “It was unfortunate that this experienced hillwalker slipped but very fortunate that his injuries were not more serious which might have prevented him making the call.”

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