The group was accompanied off the hill by rescuers. Photo: Glossop MRT

The group was accompanied off the hill by rescuers. Photo: Glossop MRT

Four people who went searching for an aircraft crash site in winter conditions were rescued from the Peak District’s second highest hill.

Glossop Mountain Rescue Team, which went to the group’s aid on Saturday, said the rescued party came from outside the area.

The team was called out about 3.40pm when the four got lost looking for the wreckage of a B-29 aeroplane on Bleaklow.

The team said one of the group was unable to continue because of exhaustion after walking through deep snow for five hours.

Glossop MRT used the PhoneFind system to pinpoint the group’s location, Hern Stones about 600m (1,969ft) on the summit plateau, and north of the crash site at Higher Shelf Stones.

A team spokesperson said: “Team members set off from Snake Summit along the Pennine Way with a stretcher and other kit.

“The team’s fast party arrived quickly with the four casualties, and gave them additional jackets. After a quick assessment it was decided to walk all four back to Snake Summit. They were then taken back to their cars parked in Old Glossop.

“The four people had driven from Manchester breaking the Covid-19 rules. Not just that, but also putting their lives at risk. The temperature on Bleaklow on Saturday was around -12C with windchill, and deep snow.

“This could have been a very different story had they not had a phone signal.”

The rescue ended about 6.40pm.

The US Air Force RB-29A Superfortress reconnaissance aeroplane crashed on the hill in low cloud in November 1948, killing all 13 people onboard. The plane was one of eight military aircraft that have crashed on Bleaklow.

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