Our friends at The Angry Corrie (TAC), the acerbic Scottish hillzine, have unearthed what must be one of the best silly walks since John Cleese offended the whole German race.

Two inventive charity walkers eschewed the usual Three Peaks Challenge so beloved of the residents of Wasdale Head to tackle their own ‘King of Walks’, from Elvis to Presley.

University lecturers David Gray and Nick Spedding travelled, in a bit of a roundabout way, from the little known Elvis Voe in Shetland to Presley near Forres in Moray [you mean that’s better known? – Ed] to raise cash for Cancer Research UK. Nick’s mum died of cancer in 2000.

The route included 22 Corbetts and Munros and spanned more than 420 miles.

For full details of the walk, including biographies, route and some awful puns mixing Scottish toponomy and Elvis discography, check out their website. And while you’re there, donate some dosh: innovation deserves reward.