It’s September, and with our local supermarket stocking up on Christmas crackers and New Berry Fruits, grough’s thoughts turn to the season of goodwill, fairy lights and the smell of dropped pine needles that cover our grough living room.Footprint in snow

Well, they do now that the National Trust has released details of its Christmas guided walks. No kidding, the trust is telling us that with our spirits flagging in the hectic build-up to Christmas and our lithe, still suntanned bodies fed up with festive over-indulgence, it’s time we pulled on our boots and hit the countryside.

Snow, right, often to be found on our hills at Christmas

Just in case you were worried about keeping up your pace, the trust’s website tells us: “If you choose wisely, you can tie your walk in with some warming refreshment, as several routes offer soup, mince pies and hot drinks to boost energy levels.”

Or you could just remember to pack your flask.

Much of the schedule is a little tame for grough’s liking, with country houses and cultured gardens featuring highly, but there are a few wilder areas included. The sting is that you’ll need to get in the spirit of giving, since some of the guided walks cost up to £12. That’s a lot of mince pies and a fair serving of liquid refreshment in grough’s book.

Still, if you’re interested and can contemplate the thought of Christmas while the leaves are still on the trees, check out the National Trust website for details.

Now, where are those crampons?