Two manufacturers have issued warnings about their equipment.

The first, and perhaps most urgent, is from climbing gear makers Black Diamond who have put out a ‘stop using until inspected’ instruction on some of their climbing harnesses.

The models affected are the ‘Speed’ range – Focus Speed, Gym Speed, Momentum Speed and Vario Speed harnesses along with the Wiz Kid. All were sold between December 2005 and June this year and may have incorrectly threaded buckles which offer less-than-adequate protection. If you can see the centre bar in the buckles on either the waist or leg loops, chances are yours is faulty and needs returning for a free replacement. Details are on the firm’s website.

The second warning comes from head-torch manufacturer Petzl regarding the use of lithium batteries. Certain torches’ LEDs may be damaged if you use lithium cells in them. You should stick to alkaline batteries if you have any of the following: the Tikka and Zipka range; Myolite 3, Myo 3 noir and Myo XP; Duo LED 5; Saxo Aqua and the discontinued Myobelt 3 and Duo LED 3.

Petzl says the potential for damage is because of lithium batteries higher output which leads to damaging overheating of the LEDs. Some Petzl head-torches are OK for use with lithium cells. Check out their website for details.