It looks as though the storm over the future the respected Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) has blown over.

Both the voluntary-run MWIS and the official Met Office mountain-weather service will continue, following a meeting of the two organisations with the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) last Friday.

There had been fears that Geoff Monk’s MWIS would cease providing its current forecasts if the Met Office stepped in. After the meeting in Edinburgh, the MCofS said: “The importance of providing accessible and up-to-date weather information to those using the Scottish hills and mountains was recognised by all parties, both in terms of safety and enjoyment.

“There was useful and constructive discussion about the needs for weather advice for mountain users in Scotland. It was agreed that the existing services delivered by the Met Office and the Mountain Weather Information Service will remain in their present form.

“The current Met Office mountain area forecasts are part of the publicly funded Public Weather Service and aim to meet the needs of the general public. The Mountain Weather Information Service provides regional mountain forecasts and is presently provided on a voluntary basis.

“The Mountaineering Council of Scotland welcomes the continuation of both services and it will continue to seek funding for the provision of a comprehensive and specialist mountain weather forecast service for outdoor users in Scotland.”

Although the MCofS has been heavily involved in the negotiations, the MWIS provides forecasts for upland areas of England and Wales too. Use grough’s links menu on the left to access weather forecasts from both organisations as well as Scottish avalanche forecasts from this week.