Scottish winter mountaineers can look forward to a Hogmanay of fresh snow as heavy falls are forecast for the various regions.

The Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) has introduced new blogs for the Cairngorms and Lochaber, giving up-to-date reports for those venturing on to the mountains.

Latest information from the Northern Cairngorms blog has heavy snow falling at midday today, with a rutsch block test in half a metre of fresh windslab. On Friday a peak wind speed of 117mph was recorded on Cairn Gorm. In Lochaber, winds of 60-70mph are being encountered today, with forecast of new snow.

The blogs are a valuable new service, complete with pictures of the SAIS assessors at work evaluating avalanche risk and general shots of the snow conditions on the mountains of the Cairngorms and Lochaber.

You can see the SAIS blogs here. There’s also a link to the main reports website and you can see archived blogs and pictures, which should give a nice history of the build-up of winter in Scotland.