A ten-year-old girl survived a 500ft fall in Glencoe yesterday.

Mountain rescuers said if she had been an adult, she would probably have died, but the fact she was small and supple saved her life.

The girl plunged down a steep, grassy slope while descending Meall Mor, near Glencoe village. John Grieve of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) said: “"She had tumbled and slid about 500ft, hitting rocks on the way down. She was stopped by a little burn, which was lucky because there was rocky ground below.”

The girl suffered a badly broken leg in the fall. The alarm was raised by a local shepherd, who is also a member of the Glencoe MRT, who heard shouts for help. Police also received emergency calls, and the team was mobilised and found the girl and a woman, believed to be a relative.

A helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth airlifted the injured girl to Belford Hospital, Fort William and the team escorted the woman off the 676m (2218ft) hill.