Karla and Stuart admire the view of Ben MoreExtreme sports seem to be cropping up all over the place these days.

Right: Karla and Stuart admire the view Meall Ghlas

Gone are the days when it was enough to huff and puff up a mountain and admire the view. If you’re not doing something that puts life and limb in peril, it seems it’s not worth doing. Well, grough reckons a young couple called Karla and Stuart have come up with the riskiest pursuit we’ve seen for a long time.

If you’re out and about on the Scottish hills and spot a man and woman wearing the latest pale pink outfit, you’ve probably stumbled across Karla and her partner indulging in their quest: to stand naked on every Munro.

So far, the couple, who are based on the south coast of England, have bagged only 11 naked Munros, so they’ve still got 273 to tackle. They admit the weather does sometimes defeat their goals, but you have to admire their pluck.

You can also admire some of their photographs at on their Naked Munros website, but be warned: if you’re on the office computer you may have some explaining to do to the boss if you say you’re just admiring the scenery.

So, why the urge to get naked on Scotland’s highest peaks? Stuart explains his thinking: “Although taking nude photos on top of Munros started out as a joke on one mountain, it’s grown into something a lot bigger, for both of us.”

Stop tittering at the back! It’s a serious exercise, underpinned by the couple’s philosophy towards the outdoors. Karla says: “I've never identified myself as a naturist as such; I just get my clothes off. In an ideal world no-one would have any issues regarding nudity and there would be no such thing as naturism. It would be a world where you could strip naked whenever and wherever you want without a second thought. And that's what I try to do. I just feel like doing it rather a lot.

“We were meant to be in natural environments, aware of the changing temperature, wind, humidity levels, noises etc. It's only the practicalities of the weather that mean we really need to put on clothes. Oh yes, and the midges too.”

Stuart says: “I defy you to run naked across a field, a beach or a mountain, and not enjoy the experience.

“We want to show people how much fun it can be to throw off their clothes on the mountains, and encourage them to try it themselves. Walking naked heightens the senses, and makes a trip to the mountains a whole new experience, one we think all of you who head to the mountains should share.

“Which brings me to my second point. [Stop sniggering – Ed] One of the reasons people often cite for hillwalking is ‘getting back to nature’. How ‘back to nature’ can you truly be in Gore-Tex and a fleece? Don't get me wrong, I wear as much technical kit on the mountains as anyone, but walking nude when the weather permits it takes getting back to nature to new heights.”

The couple have so far cast off their clothes on Ben Hope, Ben More, Buachaille Etive Beag’s two peaks, Beinn Ghlas and Ben Chonzie, as well as Meall Ghaordaidh, Stud an Lochain, Meall Ghlas, Ciste Dubh and Stob Binnein. It’s clear from the pictures on their website that they don’t confine their naked bagging to warm sunny days and it must be, to put it bluntly, cold enough to freeze them off a brass Stuart on some of their jaunts, so hats off to them both for their effort. Hats off, fleece off, trousers off, base layer off, trolleys off!

Although the pair say everyone should be able to cast their Gore-Tex to the wind and body fascism is anathema to them, it’s fair to say that they do cut quite an eye-pleasing dash, every bit as shapely as the peaks in the background.

And this could be the start of a trend. The Naked Munroists want us all to join in. Stuart says: “We should all see a lot more naked people of all shapes and sizes, and stop being so damn hung up about it.

“Being naked is fun, relaxing and de-stressing, so come on everyone, get up those mountains and bag yourself a few naked Munros!

“And if you do, let us know about it!”

So forget about your lurid green soft-shell and your azure smock. Flesh is the new colour for the mountains. Get out there and get bare! Just watch out for frostbite and ticks. Ouch!

We’ll leave the last word to Karla: “A nude body and beautiful scenery seem to complement each other better than you would at first imagine. Perhaps because that's how we started out.”

  • It seems a trend is emerging already. While not up to the supreme bravery of Karla and Stuart, there is a bagger about who is exposing at least part of his anatomy.

The website title Munromooners is the obvious clue and on it you can marvel at the magnificent views of Scotland’s finest peaks, all accompanied by a full moon rising.

As the Munromooner himself says: “After a pleasant walk up a Munro on an absolutely fantastic day I reached the summit. I took the usual photos and so on, then thought, hang on, when we reach the summit we take the usual pics etc. but what about something different.

“I know! I climbed onto the trig point, being very careful not to damage it or myself, turned my best side to the camera and adopted the pose. And so my idea, now, quest began.”

So, fleece is out, flesh is in. grough can’t help thinking Cameron McNeish would not approve. Neither might your boss if you’re caught with all that naked flesh on your screen. You have been warned!

There’s still a long way to go before Karla and Stuart’s desire for nudity to be the norm.