Walkers in the Loch Ness area can expect to see strange goings-on in the murky waters of the loch this June.

Rubber-clad divers will be battling with a two-ton marine creature near the village of Dores.

A life-sized, rubber whale will be in action to train marine rescuers, some of whom fought in vain to save the whale stranded in the River Thames last year. There will also be mock-ups of a seal and a dolphin.

Natalie Simmons, regional co-ordinator of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) says members of the public have offered to help in the past after seeing the exercise, because the dummy creatures, which are filled with water, are so lifelike.

The course, at the village’s public hall, will include lectures on marine mammal first aid and will be followed by hands-on practice at the nearby beach. Divers who attend will be taught how to handle stranded whales and dolphins, give them first aid and help refloat them.

You can find more details of the course on the BDMLR website.

Courses also run at other locations in Britain.