A quick update for grough readers addicted to the soap opera which continues in Speyside.

Two-timing EJ has welcomed back her old flame Henry and the couple are now nurturing two issues, the fruit of their union, after Henry barbarously kicked VS’s clutch out of the family roost.

Yes, the ospreys of Loch Garten continue their saga of love, betrayal, violence and loose morals, with the happier news that rock-steady fish-catcher Henry is installed back in the nest after dashing his love rival’s eggs on the ground. Female osprey EJ has now laid two eggs by Henry and observers are hoping a third may be on the way.

Henry had been late returning to his Highland haunt following the long journey from west Africa this spring and the flighty Lothario VS had beaten him to EJ’s affections.

But it seems all is well and normal family life is being restored, with the prospect of the patter of tiny talons in the Speyside love nest.

All together now: awwww!

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