Tomorrow sees the final push for the team attempting to recreate the historic attempt on Everest by George Mallory and Sandy Irving.

Conrad Anker and Leo Houlding will set off from advanced base camp at 6,400m (21,300ft) using clothing and equipment similar to that of the ill-fated 1924 expedition during which the two British climbers died on the mountain.

Conjecture surrounds the Mallory climb, with no firm evidence so far being produced to prove or disprove whether the men got to the summit. The UEverest venture aims to see if it is possible to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain using 1920s gear.

Conrad Anker was in the 1999 team that found Mallory’s body less than 300m below the summit. A film company is following the pair in their attempt. The production team consulted the Mountain Heritage Trust to try and match clothing to that used by the Mallory expedition. Anker and Houlding are taking the parts of Mallory and Irving respectively in the drama-documentary being produced by the film crew.

In addition to the two main climbers, the team includes seven others, including climber and cameraman Ken Sauls and photographer Jimmy Chin.

Tomorrow marks the 83rd anniversary of the last sighting of Mallory and Irving alive, and the team intends to set off on its route to the summit. There’s a website with lots of pictures and video from the expedition, along with a snazzy 3D route on the UEverest site.