Vicki BalnavesShe tried to persuade television executives to make a programme about one of Scotland’s larger-than-life outdoor characters.

They didn’t listen, so Edinburgh-based actress Vicki Balnaves is going one better: she’s making her own documentary. She’s formed her own production company and plans to make a ten-minute pilot film on mountaineer and broadcaster Tom Weir.

Vicki Balnaves 

Vicki, 29, who says her own passion for Scotland was the main motivation behind the creation of the company, is now looking for financial support for the project. As we reported last November, she said “Everyone who cares about Scotland, whether from the comfort of their armchair, from the heights of our wild mountains, or even from abroad, owes a great debt of gratitude to Tom Weir.

The late Tom Weir “Tom Weir (right) was a man who campaigned ceaselessly to protect some of our finest landscapes to ensure they were handed over undamaged to future generations.

“Through his long-running TV series, Weir's Way, Tom effortlessly communicated his passion for walking, for the countryside, for its history, and in doing so, he made Scotland accessible to each and every one of us.”

Television productions are notoriously expensive, so you’re no doubt wondering how much cash you need to stump up to help Vicki’s production.

How about £2? It’s all she’s asking. For that, you’ll get a credit at the end of the pilot film and the satisfaction of being able to tell your mates in the pub that you’re a film financier.

Check out the website of Vicki’s Frisky Burn productions, apparently named after Mr Weir’s assertion that ‘crossing a burn makes you feel frisky’. The ten-minute pilot will be used to pitch the idea to TV bosses and DVD companies.