The Mountain DVD, with Griff Rhys JonesIf your Sunday evenings have been left with a televiewing hole following the end of Griff Rhys Jones’s Mountain programmes, there’s some good news: you can buy the DVD of the series from Monday, so you can relive the whole journey across Britain’s high ground.

And don’t be fooled by BBC1’s screening of something called Coming Down the Mountain: it’s not Griff’s descents; more a Peak District Brit version of a drama along the lines of Rain Man. If you want to see Mountain again, it’s the DVD.

The Mountain DVD, with Griff Rhys Jones 


The five-episode series, split geographically in the Pennines, north-west Scotland, the Lakes, Wales and central Scotland, comes on two disks with an extra picture gallery. For those who missed the broadcasts, the former comedian turns his attention on the people, plants and animals that inhabit our mountains.

Pillar, as climbed by Julia Bradbury The hour-long programmes include some breathtaking scenery along with Griff’s own idiosyncratic views of the highlands of our surprisingly varied landscape. Aficionados of the uplands can also bore their non-mountain family members with a spot-the-peak, been-up-that-one, fallen-down-that-crag commentary of their own.

We’ll give you our thoughts on the DVD once we’ve got our hands on a copy.

Pillar, as climbed by Julia Bradbury 

However, you don't need to go completely without mountain scenery on your television. Tune in to BBC4 at 10pm and you can see Julia Bradbury present the final outing in the six-part Wainwright's Walks, in which she tackles Pillar, the impressive sentinel of Ennerdale.