Think you know your field pipit from a meadow pipit; or a Welsh mountain pony from a Dartmoor pony?

Knowledge of the flora and fauna you may encounter on Britain’s uplands is bound to enrich any venture into the wild, so it pays to know a bit about those flowers, fungi and birds you might spot.

Help is at hand: Plas y Brenin, the National Mountain Centre at Capel Curig has devised a quiz to test your know-how on Snowdonia’s environment. There are further tests of your knowledge on winter mountaineering, geology, rockclimbing, and the international environment.

We attempted three of the categories, scoring a lamentable 56 per cent on the Snowdonia section, but a more creditable 85 per cent on winter mountaineering. Whatever your score, you’re bound to pick up a handy fact or two and can astound your walking and climbing colleagues by throwing in a few amazing snippets of information while on the hills.

One or two of the answers may even help you be safer on the mountains. We’re off to gen up on the genus of our mountain plants. Try the quiz on the Plas y Brenin website – follow the link on the right-hand menu.

We’ll give you just one clue: there is no picture of a fossilised tortoise.