The Irvine Butterfield-produced leaflet

The Irvine Butterfield-produced leaflet

If you’re about to start out on your bagging career, or simply want a bit of guidance on which of Scotland’s high mountains class as munros, marilyns, grahams or the rest, you could do worse than download a free guide by one of the best known outdoor writers around.

Mountaineering Council of Scotland honorary member Irvine Butterfield, who recently received a John Muir Trust lifetime achievement award, has put together a 23-page PDF file with insights into the various groups of munros, maps available and accommodation.

There are also lists of guide books and online guides to munros and other Scottish peaks, access and conservation and yet another classification: the furths, 3,000-footers in Wales, England and Ireland. And just to complicate matters, there are also ‘furth corbetts’.

The guide has been produced with the MCofS and Harvey Maps. The guide also includes photographs by Butterfield, including the snowy Ben Lui on its cover.

Munros and Corbetts – Scottish Mountains: a Visitor’s Guide can be downloaded from the MCofS website.

You can also read our guide to the labyrinthine classification of the UK’s hills.

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