Dont rely on your GPS in the affected area

Don't rely on your GPS in the affected area

Walkers in mid-Wales who normally rely on their electronic gizmos for guidance need to pack a map and compass this autumn.

The Ministry of Defence will be conducting jamming exercises on the Global Positioning System signal in September, which could render GPS receivers useless for a time. The exercise will be run over five days.

Ofcom, which oversees radio communications in Britain, says the MoD has informed it the GPS signals will be jammed for limited periods between 9am and 5pm starting Monday 7 September until Friday 11 September. The affected area is within 5km of the Sennybridge Training Area, on the Mynydd Epynt.

Much of the area, between Llanwrtyd Wells and the Brecon Beacons national park boundary, is given over to an artillery range and military training area, but there are numerous rights of way across the land, including the Epynt Way, a permissive bridleway around the perimeter of the training area.

Information during the jamming exercise can be obtained from the trial manager on 07766 134520 or from the Sennybridge operations point on 01874 635461.

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