The new Land Rover alongside an RAF search and rescue Sea King helicopter

The new Land Rover alongside an RAF search and rescue Sea King helicopter

A mountain rescue team has taken delivery of a new all-terrain ambulance that will help reach casualties in remote locations.

The Northumberland National Park team, based in Ponteland, will use the £62,000 Land Rover on callouts in the Northumberland and Cheviot hills.

The specialised vehicle has been fitted out by a Cumbrian company and has been designed to accommodate a Bell stretcher and an attending medic in addition to the driver and navigator.

Richard Holmes, the team’s press officer, said: “The team is very grateful to the Reece Foundation which provided a major financial contribution alongside the team’s own fundraising activities.

“Other items include a three-way crew and casualty heater; access to the roof rack via an independent ladder – available for emergency use off the vehicle; a remote-control roof search light and pneumatic radio mast, run-lock and the conventional ambulance warning systems and reflective markings.

“There are many people in the team who were involved in various roles during the fundraising stages, design and purchase of this vehicle; a very big ‘thank you’ to you all for your hard work.”

The Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team is a member of the North East Search and Rescue Association and covers about 5,600 sq km (2,159 sq miles) of the national park and surrounding areas, up to the Scottish border – one of the largest of any team in England and Wales.

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