The North East Wales Search and Rescue team. Photo: Gerald Davison

The North East Wales Search and Rescue team. Photo: Gerald Davison

A rescue team has mounted a search… for new members.

The North East Wales Search and Rescue Team is on the lookout for recruits to join its 40-strong team which covers the hills and countryside of the north-eastern corner of Wales, along with  neighbouring counties such as Cheshire and North Powys.

Potential team members are invited to apply to join the furniture maker, property developer, police officer, paramedic, car salesman, butcher and two taxmen who are among those who volunteer to save lives each week. The recruitment process takes place once a year and applications must be received by 31 December.

Successful applicants will begin training in April.

A spokesperson for Newsar said: “The key criteria for membership are commitment, a willingness to learn and the ability to work as part of a close and supportive team.  Prospective team members should also have hill awareness and be physically fit and preferably with the ability to navigate on the hill.

“Once your application is received, you will be invited to an interview and practical session where you can meet team members and find out more about us. At a later date, you may also undergo an assessment where your skills can be tested on the hill.

“On acceptance into the team, you will be invited to attend your first training session in April. For the first four months you will be known as an Aspirant Member and this will give you time to find out whether being a member of the team is really what you want. It will also give us a chance to see how you work within the team.

“If the trial period works out, you will be offered a place as a Trainee Member and once you have passed the relevant assessments, placed on the callout list.

“Once you have passed all the remaining assessments, you will become an Operational Member.”

During training, new recruits would be expected to attend at least three-quarters of the regular Wednesday and Sunday training sessions and help with fundraising events.

Newsar provides a 24-hour, 365 days-a-year service and can be called out via the police or ambulance service.  The team operates both in mountainous terrain and in more suburban areas – wherever people are in need of assistance.

The team attends an average 40 callouts each year and, in common with all volunteer mountain rescue teams, is a registered charity.

It operates two Land Rovers which are fully kitted out with search, rescue and first aid equipment and is currently looking to replace these aging vehicles.

The team is self-financing and relies heavily on fundraising efforts by members.

Details of how to apply to join are on the Newsar website.

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