Cwm Hyddgen from Pumlumon. Photo: ©Tom Hutton

Cwm Hyddgen from Pumlumon. Photo: ©Tom Hutton

Climber and writer Jim Perrin has invoked the spirit of a Welsh historic hero in the fight against the building of turbines in the Cambrian Mountains.

Manchester-born Perrin recalled the efforts of Owain Glyndŵr in his resistance against the English, ahead of a walk the climber plans to lead on Sunday.

Perrin, renowned for his rockclimbing exploits as well as his journalism and writing, including his biography of Don Whillans – The Villain – made Wales his home at the age of 17.

He will be at the head of a walk organised by the Cambrian Mountains Society in opposition of plans to build 64 wind turbines on Hyddgen, including two that will tower to 140m (460ft).

Jim Perrin

Jim Perrin

The writer said: “Nowhere better epitomises resistant Welsh nationhood than the wild landscape of Hyddgen, north of Pumlumon Fawr.

“It was here that Owain Glyndŵr, hugely outnumbered, won the first battle of his great uprising. And it is here that we hope to make our stand against the depredations upon Welsh landscape by heedless and ill-considered government.

“May the spirit of this place impart its strength to us; and may we, in our turn, help preserve it undiminished by threatened environmental atrocity.”

Perrin will be joined by John Jones, lead singer of the Oysterband among others, and will give a short speech, voicing his opposition to the industrialisation of Wales’s few remaining wild places.

Glyndŵr is viewed as the last native Prince of Wales and led a revolt against Henry IV in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

The 3km (2-mile) walk, to which members of the public are invited, will start at the layby on the Ponterwyd to Talybont road near north-west tip of Nant y Moch reservoir, grid reference SN 737 885.

Walkers will gather at 2pm on Sunday, 6 March.