Ramblers' president Julia Bradbury: 'kick-start a lifelong love of walking'

Ramblers' president Julia Bradbury: 'kick-start a lifelong love of walking'

Walking celebrity Julia Bradbury is heading a move to get the nation on to its feet and walking.

The Ramblers president, who recently announced she is expecting her first child, is urging Britons to pull on their boots and hit the trails.

The Ramblers’ annual Get Walking Day has now doubled in size and covers the weekend of 14 and 15 May, when hundreds of free guided walks will be on offer to members of the public to encourage them to take a stroll with members of the organisation, Britain’s biggest walking charity.

The Ramblers point out that walking for half an hour, five times a week can make a real difference to your health and happiness, helping to control weight, improve fitness and even elevate your mood.

Ms Bradbury said: “Walking is a perfect way to exercise, relax the mind, and replenish the soul.

“With free led walks taking place across the country, from family-friendly ambles to strolls by the sea, there’s never been a better time to get out in the fresh air, make new friends and take those first steps to a new you.

“So put on your walking shoes, get on your feet and join us this Get Walking Day and help kick start a lifelong love of walking.”

Last year, more than 4,000 people took to their feet during the event. The Ramblers say they are determined to tempt even more people to get outside and get walking.

Members of the public can find their nearest Get Walking Day event on the Ramblers’ website.

The event is supported by outdoors retailer Cotswold Outdoors.

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