The Model T Ford will be dismantled and carried to the summit in pieces. Photo: Neil Tuckett

The Model T Ford will be dismantled and carried to the summit in pieces. Photo: Neil Tuckett

Experienced hillwalkers are needed to hike to the top of Britain’s highest mountain – while carrying a vintage car.

The plea has gone out from organisers of a May event after agreement was reached between the conservation trust that owns most of Ben Nevis and enthusiasts who want to mark the centenary of a Ford Model T being driven to the mountain’s summit.

The plans caused a row between the John Muir Trust, which owns the 1,761 ha (4,352-acre) Ben Nevis estate, which includes the upper slopes and summit of the ben, and representatives of the Model T Register of Great Britain, who wanted to fly the car in by helicopter, something that the trust said couldn’t be supported on environmental grounds.

But the vintage vehicle will now make its way to the summit in parts, after being dismantled at Achintee, and will be reassembled on the 1,344m (4,409ft) summit. The event is planned for Wednesday, 18 May, as part of a week-long rally organised by Kinlocheil motor enthusiast and businessman Iain Blyth on behalf of the Model T Register. Enthusiast Neil Tuckett has prepared the vehicle for the ascent.

Following a meeting earlier this month in Fort William between Model T Ford enthusiasts and a number of local groups, John Hutchison, chairman of the John Muir Trust said: “We are very pleased that all parties have reached agreement on an appropriate way to celebrate this event and we will be working to make it a success.”

Mr Tuckett said: “I congratulate everyone on reaching this agreement. This will be a fantastic event for the Fort William community and all owners are looking forward to seeing a Model T back on the summit.”

Hillwalkers are needed to carry the car to the summit of Ben Nevis

Hillwalkers are needed to carry the car to the summit of Ben Nevis

In 1911, Edinburgh car dealer Henry Alexander spent 10 days preparing a route up the mountain and a further six days driving and cajoling the 20-horsepower Ford to the summit as a publicity stunt to demonstrate the car’s ruggedness.

Chair of The Outdoor Capital of the UK, Marian Austin said: “We are pleased that this historic event is being commemorated and, to ensure safe procedures and insurance cover, we are seeking donations from anyone who would like support it.”

Lochaber company No Fuss Events will coordinate the carry of the car with the support of Fort William Community Council, Friends of Nevis, the John Muir Trust, Nevis Partnership and The Outdoor Capital of the UK, working with the Ford Model T enthusiasts.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help carry the car to the summit of Ben Nevis is asked to contact No Fuss Events by email.

The summit of Ben Nevis has been the scene of several oddities, including a piano unearthed by JMT volunteers in a cairn and a wheelchair found buried on the zigzag path leading to the summit. Glasgow University medical students also pushed a bed to the top, accompanied part-way by the late newscaster Reginald Bosanquet.

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