The pair were rescued after getting cragfast on Tryfan's North Ridge

The pair were rescued after getting cragfast on Tryfan's North Ridge

Two students who were rescued after getting stuck on a Snowdonia mountain were totally ill prepared, rescuers said.

The man and woman, wearing trainers and dressed in ‘town clothes’, became cragfast on Tryfan’s North Ridge yesterday after setting out about 2pm.

Members of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation were alerted after the pair rang 999 about 7pm. Chris Lloyd of the rescue team said: “They were unable to complete the scramble as it was beyond their experience and so correctly decided to retrace their steps down the ridge.

“However, they ended up on the top of cliffs above the Milestone Buttress. Despite the glorious weather conditions, they were reluctant to climb back up to a place where they could descend safely. So they made a 999 call for mountain rescue.

“Four team members were deployed on the hill once the team members on the A5 road had ‘spotted’ their location.

“Once located, team members set up a lowering system and the two were lowered to a footpath and walked off the mountain and to Oggi Base.”

Mr Lloyd said such rescues were placing a strain on the volunteers in the rescue team, who have already been called out 12 times more than at the same time last year – which was itself a record year for the organisation.

“These two young people were totally ill equipped for the scramble up the North Ridge,” he said. “They were dressed in town clothes and wearing trainers.

“This is the sort of rescue that members of the public think rescue teams carry out all the time. While this sort of rescue is in the minority, it occurs too frequently and is an unnecessary waste to team members’ time and resources especially with the greatly increased number of call outs.”

The team had earlier gone to the aid of a walker who fell while descending Pen yr Ole Wen on the opposite side of the Ogwen Valley.

The 60-year-old, described as well equipped and organised, fell about 6m (20ft) while coming down a steep and loose path on the mountain.

Mr Lloyd said: “He had walked over the Carneddau range from North to South on a glorious day.

“Just as he was completing his walk he took a 20ft tumble or so.

“He banged his head and lost his spectacles. Fortunately, he found his spectacles but felt a bit unsure on his feet, probably due to the ‘cartoon-style’ lump throbbing on his head.

“He wisely made the 999 call for mountain rescue.”

The Ogwen rescuers were alerted at 4.45pm. “A hasty team of four members was dispatched up the footpath,” Mr Lloyd said. “After examination and some first aid, he was able to walk down to the A5 road.

“He was then driven to Ysbyty Gwynedd at Bangor for a further check up. This was an unfortunate incident at the end of a really good day.”

The team has now responded to 56 incidents this year.

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