Murray Fredericks's Salt will screen in the Best of ShAFF 2011

Murray Fredericks's Salt will screen in the Best of ShAFF 2011

Organisers of one of the country’s biggest adrenaline film festivals issued a last-minute reminder that the deadline is just days away.

Submissions for next year’s Sheffield Adventure Film Festival have to be in by Thursday.

The event will run from 9 to 11 March next year and as a taster, there will be a Best of ShAFF 2011 evening on 8 December and a ShAFF classics collection on 19 January next year.

Matt Heason, who runs the festival, has also lined up a series of experts’ nights featuring biking, climbing and running in February.

Full details of entries in the 2012 festival are expected in January.

Among the films on offer in the Best of evening is Way Back Home, featuring master mountain biker Danny MacAskill as he cycles from Edinburgh to his home on the Isle of Skye. MacAskill was also seen impersonating the late Sir Jimmy Savile in a series of impressive manoeuvres promoting Fort William as the Outdoor Capital of the UK.

Also showing will be The Swiss Machine, with aerial footage of Ueli Steck’s record-breaking speed ascents in the Alps. Steck literally races up 8,000ft mountains, doing in hours what other mountaineers take days to achieve. He even pushes renowned climber Alex Honnold to his limits on the big rock faces of Yosemite.

The best artistic film accolade at this year’s festival went to Salt, in which photographer Murray Fredericks set out to find a landscape devoid of features, and includes video and time-lapse photography in an examination of solitude and empty space on his mood.

Best of ShAFF 2011 starts at 8.15pm at Screen 3 in the city.

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