Whiteout conditions and hurricanes will affect Highland mountains

Whiteout conditions and hurricanes will affect Highland mountains

Hurricane-force winds are set to hit the Highlands tomorrow, with snow to follow.

The Met Office is forecasting gusts of up to 130mph (210kph) on mountains in the western Highlands.

Red alerts have been issued warning of severe disruption and possible structural damage in central and southern Scotland, even at valley level.

Central Tayside and Fife, along with Strathclyde, are likely to be worst affected as a deep Atlantic low tracks eastwards across northern Scotland en route for Norway and Sweden.

South-westerly and westerly high winds will affect the whole of the UK in the next 36 hours and the Met Office said it was working with Transport Scotland and the Highways Agency to ensure they have the latest information about which areas are likely to be most affected.

Forecaster Brent Walker said: “As the storm passes through and moves to the east of the UK on Friday north-westerly winds will bring in cold air which will see a drop in temperatures.

“This is expected to bring snow to northern and western parts of the UK, while other parts of the country will see a cold night on Friday with widespread temperatures of around –1C.”

The Mountain Weather Information Service said freeze-thaw cycles will persist in the Highlands, but with hurricane-speed winds, much of the falling and fallen snow will be scoured from mountains.

The independent meteorology service warned: “An exceptionally intense storm will cross central Britain, bringing a swathe of extreme winds, even to low levels – albeit that the winds will be at their strongest just after dark. Temporarily benign conditions near the low centre in northern Scotland could give way suddenly.

“In afternoon, most likely in the southern Highlands, you could be blown over even at low level. Any mobility will be tortuous where exposed from low level upwards. There will be a severe wind chill.”

The MWIS also warned there will be heavy rain, turning to snow and whiteout conditions, accompanied by lightning.

Snow will fall to lower levels, as low as 250m and there is likely to be flooding of streams.

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