Kate Ashbrook: calling for a better deal for walkers. Photo: Andrew McCloy

Kate Ashbrook: calling for a better deal for walkers. Photo: Andrew McCloy

The Ramblers new head said walkers should realise they are indebted to the charity’s volunteers for securing better access in the outdoors.

Kate Ashbrook was elected president of Britain’s largest walking charity at its general council at the weekend.

Television presenter Julia Bradbury, who had held the post for two years, handed over the reins to Ms Ashbrook, described as a tireless countryside campaigner, at the Leicester meeting.

Ms Ashbrook, who is also general secretary of the Open Spaces Society, is a former chairman of the Ramblers.

One of her first acts as president was to deliver an address at the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass on Tuesday.

Speaking about her election to the Ramblers’ post, she said: “I am very excited by this opportunity to celebrate the Ramblers’ work on the ground.

“I want to champion the magnificent work of our thousands of volunteers who campaign to open up, clear and protect paths and promote the cause of public access and the protection of our wonderful countryside.

“Walkers need to know how indebted they are to Ramblers members whose tireless work is securing better public access throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

“I shall be giving a boost to our local campaigns, helping members to celebrate their successes and calling for a better deal for walkers everywhere.”

Julia Bradbury: 'Being president has been a great privilege'

Julia Bradbury: 'Being president has been a great privilege'

Former president, Julia Bradbury said: “The past two years as Ramblers president has been a great privilege and has enabled me to talk about my passion for the outdoors and walking.

“Even though I am handing over the reins, I will continue to extol the virtues of getting out there. I wish the Ramblers, and the new president, the best of luck for the future.”

In common with all retired presidents, she will continue on as vice-president of the charity.

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