Richard Warren with the Adecco litter pickers on Scafell Pike's summit

A team of volunteers collected four bagfuls of rubbish from England’s highest mountain.

The staff from employment agency Adecco in Kendal mounted their clean-up of Scafell Pike after seeing the disgusting state of the 978m (3,209ft) summit reported on a BBC television programme.

But the volunteers were shocked to be asked by members of the public on the mountain if they could dump their own rubbish in the women’s refuse bags.

Richard Warren of Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, who joined the litter pickers on Scafell Pike, said: “They were of course very politely reminded that it was not a paid service and they should remove their own rubbish.”

Mr Warren said the clean-up squad filled four bags with mixed litter and rubbish in one hour. The Lake District National Park Authority supplied bags and litter sticks.

Scafell Pike's summit draws thousands of visitors each year

Scafell Pike's summit draws thousands of visitors each year

He added: “It was really surprising how such a large amount of litter can be collected in such a short time by a small group of committed volunteers.

“The day was glorious and many walkers who were on the summit were very complimentary to the ladies of Adecco who spent their day on the mountain.

“The group did not remove any of the human excrement, of which there was plenty, but did carefully remove many tissues and many, many banana skins and orange peel ranging from that day’s dropping to many that were blackened and weeks or months old.”

Scafell Pike is a honeypot for walkers who want to claim the ascent of England’s highest peak, as well as challenge walkers attempting to complete the Three Peaks Challenge, summiting Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike in 24 hours.

Mr Warren expressed his gratitude to the volunteers for their clean-up efforts.

Some of the rubbish collected

Some of the rubbish collected

“The community thanks Adecco Kendal for taking time to come and clean our mountain,” he said. “Let us hope that the message got across to many that day who might have twigged about keeping our countryside and mountain tops clean for the enjoyment of all.

“Respect and support our local communities and remember to leave nothing but light footprints when going out on the fells and take away great memories and especially the litter.”

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