The family got stranded in the dark on the Wasdale Screes

The family got stranded in the dark on the Wasdale Screes

A family stuck on a Lakeland fellside used their camera’s flash to guide rescuers to them.

The three called for help after they got caught out on the Wasdale Screes in darkness.

They set off for a walk around Wast Water late on Saturday afternoon but became stuck after night fell and they found themselves on the extensive scree overlooking the lake.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 6pm and used its rescue rigid inflatable boat to reach the family after being guided to their position by the camera flash.

The walkers were then taken back to the head of the lake where their car was parked.

The three-hour rescue involved 18 volunteer members of the Wasdale team and was its 66th of the year.

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