The Gleann Dubh-lighe bothy before it was damaged by the fire. Photo: MBA

The Gleann Dubh-lighe bothy before it was damaged by the fire. Photo: MBA

A bothy gutted by fire is to be rebuilt, the charity that cares for it said.

The Mountain Bothies Association said work on restoring the unusable Gleann Dubh-lighe shelter will begin in April.

A fire in August severely damaged the building. A gas leak from a faulty screw-in cylinder allowed a high-pressure escape that was ignited by a candle.

An MBA spokesperson said: “No one was injured as a result of this accident but the building was largely destroyed, with only the walls left standing.

“An MBA work party carried out some work later that year to ensure that the remains did not degrade further, and following discussion and agreement with the owners, Fassfern Estate, plans have now been drawn up to restore the building.”

MBA volunteers expect to start work in April, with reroofing of the bothy, followed by the installation of window and doors. The charity said it will point the stonework, sub-divide the bothy into two rooms plus an entry lobby, install ceilings and floors, install a sleeping platform and undertake the numerous other tasks that will enable the building to again be used as an open shelter.

The association expects the cost of the work will be about £12,000. The work will be undertaken entirely by volunteers.

The MBA, which was established in 1965, looks after almost 100 bothies throughout the wilder parts of Scotland, England and Wales for use as open shelters for walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts. It currently has around 3,600 members.

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