Gospel Pass reaches a height of 549m. Photo: Chris Gunns CC-BY-SA-2.0

Gospel Pass reaches a height of 549m. Photo: Chris Gunns CC-BY-SA-2.0

A group of teenagers was rescued after getting stuck while on an outdoor education trip.

Mountain rescuers were called out to a minibus caught in a blizzard last night on the highest road pass in Wales where four youngsters and their trainer were stranded.

The group, on an outing from an outdoor education centre on Thursday, were caught on the Gospel Pass in south Wales after their vehicle was trapped in a snow drift, 1,800ft up on the route, between Abergavenny and Hay on Wye.

Longtown Mountain Rescue Team used two specially equipped Land Rovers to reach the group in an operation lasting four hours.

The teenagers, from Pontypool, were taken back to the outdoor education centre, in Cusop, where they were staying at midnight.

Luke Lewis, deputy team leader, of Longtown MRT, said: “The conditions were atrocious, with drifting snow, blizzards, ice and high winds, but our vehicles are equipped to deal with this.

“The teenagers were cold and tired but otherwise okay. The centre had tea and biscuits waiting for everyone when we arrived.

“This recent cold weather has caught a lot of people out and has kept all the mountain rescue teams in south Wales very busy.

“We would remind any walker or motorist intending to head into the mountains to watch out for deteriorating weather conditions and to be well prepared, with spare warm clothing, food and drinks.

“Walkers must always carry a map, compass and torch.”

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