The group was rescued from Crib Goch. Photo: John Lynch CC-BY-SA-2.0

The group was rescued from Crib Goch. Photo: John Lynch CC-BY-SA-2.0

Nine people were rescued from a Snowdonia ridge after bad weather halted their progress.

Llanberis and Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Teams were involved in the operation to help the group of charity walkers stuck on Crib Goch on Snowdon.

The teams were called out on Wednesday afternoon, with seven volunteers from each team making their way to the ridge.

A Sea King search and rescue helicopter from RAF Valley was unable to fly to the ridge because of low cloud, but was held on standby at Llyn Llydaw below the route.

An Aberglaslyn MRT spokesperson said: “A search for the group was mounted who were located on the ridge cold, wet and afraid to continue.

“Once on scene both teams successfully set up a belay system and were able to safely navigate the group off the steep ground.”

The rescue lasted 4½ hours.

Earlier this month experts pleaded with organisers of charity walks on Wales’s highest mountains to make sure participants were prepared and fit for the challenge

Mountainsafe chair Phil Benbow said: “We are eager for people to enjoy themselves as they come to Snowdonia and therefore are asking people to remember five things before they start out.”

He said organisers and participants should get a weather forecast and be ready to postpone their venture if conditions dictate.

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