The Allport Valley, where some of the group was found. Photo: Glossop MRT

The Allport Valley, where some of the group was found. Photo: Glossop MRT

Mountain rescuers pleaded with walkers to go properly equipped after a group of 18 people got into difficulties on the Peak District’s second-highest hill.

Glossop Mountain Rescue Team eventually found the lost walkers using specialised smartphone technology after a major four-hour search was launched on Bleaklow.

The volunteer team was called out yesterday at 5.45pm after some of the group got lost after setting off from the summit of Snake Pass at 11am to film the site of a crashed B29 Superfortress at Higher Shelf Stones.

Members of the Edale team also joined the search.

A Glossop MRT spokesperson said: “As the weather and visibility got worse, daylight began to fade and the party set off to leave the moor.

“Unfortunately, they became separated en route. Nine of the group found their way back to Snake Summit, whilst the rest ended up lost, in small groups, down the Alport valley.

“Glossop team split up into a number of search parties and headed up the Pennine Way towards Grains in the Water and Upper North Grain.

“With the use of Sarloc technology we were able to locate part of the lost group about 500m above Miry Clough.

“The remainder of the lost party were picked up by other members of the Glossop team along with Edale team near to bottom of the Alport valley where they were safely escorted down to Alport farm.”

The rescue operation ended at 10.30pm.

A Glossop team spokesperson said: “This, again, highlights the need to have the right sort of clothing and equipment for the hills at this time of year.

“A torch, map and compass are imperative. With large groups of people it may also be useful to have an experienced guide.”

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