The men were tackling Tryfan's North Ridge. Photo: Richard Webb CC-BY-SA-2.0

The men were tackling Tryfan's North Ridge. Photo: Richard Webb CC-BY-SA-2.0

Three men were winched from a Snowdonia mountain after getting stuck on steep ground.

The trio were tackling the North Ridge of Tryfan when they got into difficulties.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation had just completed a training exercise when they were called out at 3.45pm yesterday to help the three men, in their 40s from south-west England.

Trainee team leaders, who had been taking part in the training exercise, took control of the rescue.

Chris Lloyd of the Ogwen Valley MRO said the stuck walkers reported they could see Anglesey from their position.

“So, the trainee team leaders had a number of options: telephone the informant to get a more thorough description of their location and predicament; use Sarloc to try to locate them; and the good old fashioned way, get someone to drive down the valley and use binoculars to scan the West Face,” he said.

“Having established that the party had ascended the North Tower and they were now stuck in Notch Gully, below the North Ridge, a rescue party was deployed up the North Ridge.”

He said two of the men were more experienced than the third. One had climbed the North Ridge previously.

“However, the third man was finding the North Ridge too great a challenge.

“They found themselves unable to continue up the ridge or to retreat down the ridge. They tried to escape down Notch Gully but found that to be steep and loose.

“They had no option but to call for assistance. With limited daylight and a man who had lost confidence, it was decided to request the assistance of 22 Squadron from RAF Valley, as the West Face can be loose and unpleasant in perfect conditions.

“Fortunately, for all parties, the request was granted and the yellow Sea King helicopter was able to winch the three men aboard and fly them down to the warmth of Oggi Base.

“While they were debriefed by the team leaders and trainee team leaders, the rescue party walked back down.

“With hindsight, the three realised that the route had been too challenging for this party of three in these conditions. Hopefully, they will return in better conditions to enjoy this classic scramble.”

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