The couple strayed on to steep ground on King's How. Photo: Michael Graham CC-BY-SA-2.0

The couple strayed on to steep ground on King's How. Photo: Michael Graham CC-BY-SA-2.0

A couple were rescued after mistakenly straying on to crags in the Lake District and getting stuck.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 4.45pm on Wednesday to help the man and wife, who were walking in Borrowdale.

The couple erred from the path descending King’s How and ended up cragfast above Bowder Crag.

A Keswick MRT spokesperson said: “The team sent out a Land Rover with six members and a further four attended direct from home, as the Borrowdale road closure made life difficult.

“The pair were located unhurt, and assisted from the crag by two team members down to their transport.”

Less than an hour after being called out, the team received another call for help after a 45-year-old woman suffered a serious ankle injury on the other side of Borrowdale.

The walker slipped on wet ground near Wilson’s Bield on High Spy.

The Land Rover was diverted from the previous callout and its team members approached the site from Honister Pass while six other rescuers approached from via Rigghead.

A team spokesperson said: “The casualty was treated at the scene, loaded on to the stretcher, and was then carried down towards Rosthwaite.

“Two Team members recovered the vehicles from Honister, and the lady was then transported from New Bridge to Rosthwaite to await a land ambulance.”

The woman was then taken to Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for further treatment.

The rescue involved 22 volunteer team members and lasted almost four hours.

The following day, the team was in action again after a 47-year-old woman slipped on steep grass and injured her ankle while coming down Lingy Bank towards Rosthwaite.

A Keswick MRT spokesperson said: “An ambulance crew was able to reach her, but needed the assistance of team members to carry her 300m to the ambulance, which had managed to get as far as New Bridge.

“She was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.”

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