The smartphone app will give outdoor fans a fix

The smartphone app will give outdoor fans a fix

Britain’s national mapping agency has launched a free smartphone app to provide navigationally challenged walkers with their location.

Ordnance Survey’s OS Locate will give outdoor enthusiasts a grid-reference fix even when there is no mobile phone signal, as long as they have a model with built-in GPS receiver.

OS said it is being released for the iPhone operating system first and an Android version will follow.

The app has a digital compass and hints on navigation. Users can also share their location with friends.

Ted Crosbie, chairman of navigation on foot at the Royal Institute of Navigation, said: “OS Locate is the ideal app for recreational navigation.

“It has a clean and simple to use interface and provides quick and accurate national grid references that are as accurate as recreational GPS receivers, allowing individuals to find their location on an Ordnance Survey published map sheet.

“With instructions on use, as well as an overview of good practises on the hills and mountains, it is an invaluable app that will lead the way in smartphone navigation.”

OS said the application should be used with mapping and not relied upon solely for finding your way in the outdoors.

The iOS version can be downloaded free from iTunes.

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